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Interview with Daun Desjarlais DiMeo / Beach Girl Attitudes

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Glitter Goblins

August 2022 Blog 

Interview with one of our amazing creators:

Daun Desjarlais DiMeo of Beach Girl Attitudes

  • You have a huge following on TikTok (over 13k now-YAY) what do you attribute your success to?
I am still in awe every day of this. Why me and what makes me so interesting? It’s a hard thing to grasp and I am so humbled by it. I guess to answer the question- I’m just myself. I work Live a lot and I love to educate people and encourage them to try things. I fail and fix things right on camera. And we have built friendships. I absolutely love my followers and look forward to interacting with them. I love that they try techniques they learn from me and I get so excited when I see what they’ve done. I'm positive and don’t allow negativity or drama and I think that attracts people. I share my life beyond the tumblers and crafts and I think that makes me real.
  • How long have you been doing tumblers and what got you started in making them?
Funny you ask. I’ve been doing tumblers a little over two years. I have had my business over double that time, but my husband kept discouraging me from getting into epoxy. Until he was running an event when I was out of town and one of the vendors sold them and he saw what she charged. Needless to say, he changed his mind. But little did he know how expensive the hobby is and it will take years to make a profit. Lol
  • You are a traveling nurse which some people may not know so how do you find the time to make all your wonderful creations? I imagine the traveling plays a big part in your inspiration for your designs that you choose?
Awe. Yes. I have been an ER nurse for 8 years. When 2020 happened, I had friends who went to NYC and I knew I had to help. I couldn’t sit back. It’s just not me. That’s when my travel nursing began. I’ve been doing crisis contracts ever since and was even at San Quentin Prison for two months when they had a huge surge amongst the inmates. It was history. Oops- got off track. To answer the questions, I honestly don’t have any time when I’m on contract as I’m usually working five 12 hour shifts a week. I miss crafting and my online community so much while I’m gone. I do find inspiration everywhere I go and I come up with ideas that I can’t wait to get home to make. I love traveling in general, so when I can make something memorable, it means even more. I made a tumbler using real sand from a beach in the Bahamas and it was so beautiful. It was a big hit with the way the sand shines under the epoxy. I mixed a little Excalibur with it to make it sparkle.
  • You are also a Jeep girl, an adventurous soul from what I’ve seen, do you feel like you are living your best life and tumblers just help bring out all of your adventures through your art?
Oh yes. For sure that is true. I always dreamed of owning a Wrangler and I have had my baby for about 1 1/2 years now. I do a lot of Jeep inspired tumblers and crafts, gaining inspiration from the adventures it has taken me on. I’ve always been adventurous, but being a Jeep Girl is something new for sure. Like the tumbler community, Jeep owners are an incredible family and do so much for each other and the community. I get asked a lot to make decals for the Jeeps, tumblers that represent their Jeeps as well as other crafts. I guess you could say that I’m living my best life. It’s not perfect, but the positives outweigh anything else. :)
  • Who or what is your biggest influence?
My family, hands down. I have 5 children. 3 are mine. 2 are mine by marriage. The oldest two are married and we have 4 grandchildren. My inspirations come from them- their careers, hobbies, passions. When I first began, they all received my practice pieces. One is a police officer, a pilot, a teacher, a mom, fraternity and sorority and college stuff. I was able to play around and they benefited. They have been my biggest supporters and it means everything when your kids are proud of you. My granddaughter loves to make shirts with me. Weeding is her favorite. She’s only 4, but will be able to run her own shirt design business in no time. My kids definitely didn’t expect their mom to become “TikTok famous”. It’s quite amusing when they tell their friends.
  • What is your favorite type of tumbler or craft to make and why?
I love making custom work. When someone knows they want a tumbler, tells me colors and things they want it centered around and then they give me creative freedom. I feel I can do my best work then, and it brings me joy to surprise them with the finished piece
  • What other types of items do you make? Or would you like to learn?
Oh wow. I’ve dabbled in a lot and sell quite a few things, but tumblers are my favorite. I make a lot of shirts, Rearview mirror charms, tote bags, wood beach tables, shadow boxes and more. But I really focus on my tumblers the most. I would love to learn to make the 3-D tumblers. I’m in awe of Janie’s 3-D work. I own one and love it.
  • What are your top three favorite Glitter Goblins glitter colors and why?
That’s a loaded question. Ethel has so many amazing glitters. I guess if I have to choose I would say Chambermaid because it brings me so much joy on the Survivor tumbler I make with it. The sparkle and the way the colors pop are incredible. Another would have to be The Neon Rainbow - Green Spectrum. I put it on top of a turquoise base on my ocean tumblers and it just creates an incredible color. All of that collection is amazing. Third would be Troll. I’m obsessed with sunflowers and Troll on top of a yellow gold base makes the perfect sunflower peekaboo.
  • If you would recommend any two Glitter Goblins products what would they be and why?
Fairy Magic Mica - it is the perfect additive to add to your epoxy before your final coat. I love the sparkle it gives my finished products. And the entire Neon Rainbow collection- I use that more than anything. They are just beautiful.
  • What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the tumbler making business?
Don’t give up. Ask questions. Use the good stuff right away. In other words, do your research and use quality products. Watch others. And practice practice practice. Realize that we all started out new at one point, too. I have a huge pile of strip cups that one day I will strip. Lol.
I have a couple quotes I use a lot when I’m working Live: 1. ‘Trust the process!’ It’s true. You just don’t know how amazing it will be. And 2. ‘I try things so you don’t have to.’ In other words, I will try a technique while on live and I have failed. I have succeeded. But I’ve done it for you and you can build on that. So don’t be afraid to fail. We all have. Reach out and ask us. Most of us are going to be kind and help. When you learn from others, give them credit, tag them with a thanks. Most of all, I like being tagged as I love seeing the work of others that tried something they learned from me. It’s so fun to encourage and support each other.
  • I noticed someone stole your designs while I was researching for the blog. Would you care to elaborate or give others advice on this? (So sorry this happened to you).
Oh gosh. It was horrible. I designed an original tote bag and it was a huge seller. I sold around 20-25 a week on Etsy. I was searching for something on Facebook and when I put in a hashtag, my design and actual pictures from my Etsy page showed up under a company from another country. I messaged them, wrote reviews, got family involved. It was a mess. I researched their other listings and found many items from other Etsy sellers. I was able to get them to take down my item, but they in turn revenged and had my item taken off of Etsy. I am still heartbroken. But it will appear again, just not on Etsy.
  • Is there anything you haven’t accomplished yet this weekend year that you feel like you need to?
Yes. A clean and organized tumbler workspace. Hahahaha. Is that such a thing?
  • What is your 5yr plan for Beach Girl Attitudes?
 I am working on getting my website up and running. I would like to obtain some affiliates to help them grow as well as myself. And I would love to grow my TikTok community by leaps and bounds. In 5 years, I would love nursing to be a part time gig and BGA to be the forefront.

Speed Round:

Sunshine or Snow? Sunshine
Steak or Pizza? Steak
Romance or Horror? Romantic Comedy
Favorite Drink? Sweet tea/half unsweet
Favorite Color? Turquoise
Favorite Music? Country
Favorite Number & Why? 5-it was my sports number when I was a kid
Favorite Word? I can’t say that. It’s starts with a F. I never used it. Hated it. Then I became an ER nurse and it’s basic vocabulary now. Lol
Birthday: July 22

Social Media Accounts:

Website: (COMING SOON) 😊

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