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Interview with Vanessa Bumgarner aka

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Glitter Goblins

April 2022 Blog 

Interview with one of our amazing creators Vanessa Bumgarner, Resin Artist

  • Favorite product to work with/why?
My go to product for resin is Color Pour due to it allowing the creator some time to work with it and you can de mold your items in 8 hours. Plus it smells like flowers. Not that awful smell that some have and continue to have. Unfortunately for me it is a unicorn in the wild but I have been able to find similar resins out there in the wild as Alaska makes resin hard to get.
  • How did you get started in your field? Or Resin Making? Crafting?
I first started what I do after my step mother passed away from fighting cancer for so long and realized, life is too short to not enjoy what I love to do and it was to create. I was gonna be a fashion designer at one point and wanted to do something related to that. I actually started with making jewelry and learning that craft, then I found a mold to make my own beads. From there I have been creating many things with resin. Picture below of orange and black beads is where resin all started.
  • How did you come up with the name of your business? And what you you primarily sell?

I came up with my name first because I stream video games and my username was GingeRageGaming and just took the name Ginge as that is what my community was calling me. Since I am married and couldn't come up with another name it just became MrsGingeCo. I primarily sell my resin crafts of dominoes and coasters, earrings and charms!
  • Best Advice You Ever Received?
The best advice I have got was, if you dream it you can do it. It became my slogan "You Dream It, I’ll Create It".
  • Best Advice You Would Give Someone Starting Out with Resin Art?
 My advice for someone starting out with resin is to be patient with the resin and with yourself. Just because one person does one thing with their resin, doesn't mean it will work for you. Open up your creative energy as you can do literally anything with resin. It’s why I love it! Please don’t pour if your house doesn’t have air conditioning and a random 115 heatwave hits your house. Your resin will cure fast and have HUGE bubbles. 

  • Favorite Glitter Goblins Product to use and why?
The glitter of course!! I found this amazing glitter on TikTok, and I’ve been hooked since February 2021. My all time favorite glitter is the Excalibur. It is a fine glitter I generally use for a top layer of my work and it gives it that chefs kiss.
  • To someone just starting out what two Glitter Goblins Glitter colors would you recommend they pair together?
Astraea and Venus! I used those two fabulous colors on a scrabble board I made. You can't go wrong with having purple and pink side by side. To be honest this was hard to choose.
  • If you could learn any new craft, what would that be?
Making my own resin molds. It would make my own resin creations my own.
  • I see you do a lot of Jewelry, also is that what started you in this whole crafting world?
You caught me, but that's how I first started my store. Wanted to create pretty sparkly things that people can wear and it makes them smile. I still do create jewelry in between resin pours. Currently I am making earrings out of polymer clay that resemble fruit and will be available sometime in the store.
  • Who or What usually inspires you? When something inspires you what is your process for turning that inspiration into your beautiful masterpieces? When something inspires you, what is your process for turning that inspiration into your beautiful masterpieces?
My little clone of me is the main inspiration. I want to show her that she can do literally anything she wants and she wants to be like her mama when she is an adult or become a Space Doctor. Depending on what inspires me I will draw it out first or I quickly run to my crafting gremlin cave and mix up some resin and get started. Before this I quickly poured for a simple wind chime with vinyl flowers. If I get an inspiration I won't be able to sleep and will have to quickly prep for it or get the ball rolling. Now I am surrounded by nature so expect a lot of that in my future items.
  • I know you recently moved to Alaska, any new challenges that come with living in Alaska?
YES AND YES AND YESSSS!! Alaska is a gorgeous place but not easy when you're a crafter. When you shop online at your favorite craft store, they will say free shipping over $49. Once you put that Alaska zip code in they hit you with $30 shipping. Even on Amazon you can't get a lot of things shipped to you like some resins and if you like to dabble in putting alcohol dyes in, you have to get the cheaper alcohol ink extender. For those who are new, that helps get the colors to go throughout the resin and gives it like a colorful cloud effect. Like I mentioned previously, I can't get my hands on my favorite resin Color Pour.


Sunshine or Snow: Neither, I'm a ginger and burn easily and snow helps reflect the sunshine and gives me a sunburn LOL
Romance or Horror: Horror
Favorite Drink? COFFEE!!! More though of an espresso with barely a tease of creamer and Guinness. Love chewing my drinks lol
Favorite Music? Alternative Rock, love me some MCR and Avenged Sevenfold.
Favorite Color? Pink and if it can't be pink then red
Favorite Number and Why? 69 because it always makes me giggle... I'm mature I swear lol
Favorite Word? A word that rhymes with duck, chuck, tuck, ruck, muck
Birthday: December 11, 1985 Sagittarius BABY!!

Social Media Accounts:

TikTok: @MrsGingeCo

Thank you so much MrsGinge! I learned a few new things from you and I appreciate your time and expertise in the Resin Art World. I told Vanessa the alcohol ink extender was new to me and she was kind enough to send along more photos for visuals so I could see what she meant by the “clouding effect” of the extender, those are the half moon and “full” moon images above with the gorgeous blue, purple and gold colors. I recently made a purchase from MrsGingeCo on Etsy, her work is impeccable, I would highly recommend her to anyone. It arrived super fast and was packaged beautifully. I am loving my new votive candle holder. It even glows in the dark 🥰

I hope everyone enjoyed this months blog and learned a few things as well. Don’t forget if you want to be featured and have your items listed here and on various Social Media accounts get in touch with myself or Glitter Goblins and as always if you are not a part of The Glitter Goblin Gang please click on the link below and join, we would love to have you. 
Jenn Smith

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  • Thank you for all your insite. Your work is so amazing. I would love to visit Alaska to see the Northern lights. What a lucky lady you are.

    Ginna Hopkins-Mccaw on

  • Vanessa I can’t thank you enough again, you gave fabulous answers and I learned some new things about working with alcohol inks & resin. We are lucky to have you as part of the Glitter Goblin Gang 💜💫

    Jennifer Smith on

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