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Interview with Danica Johnson / Sassy Heart Designs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on


Glitter Goblins

May 2022 Blog 

Interview with one of our amazing creators Danica Johnson, Entrepreneur



  • The name of your business is Sassy Heart Designs, how did you come up with the name or what does this name mean to you? 
I really wanted to choose a name that represented who I am... There was no denying I have a sassy side, and I put my heart into anything that I that became Sassy Heart Designs!
  • How did you get started in your field and what would you say is your specialty? 
I have been a crafter for a very long has ranged from floral arranging to teaching myself how to paint, woodworking, home decor, sign name it.. I have probably tried it! I stumbled on a FB live of a tumbler maker and was instantly OBSESSED. I started making glitter tumblers in early 2020 and I knew immediately after my first tumbler attempt... that I wanted to learn anything and everything that went along with it. Here I am ... still learning! I cannot really choose a specialty, because I am a Jack of all trades!
  •  On your website you have so many beautiful tumblers what or who inspires you?
 I find inspiration EVERYWHERE. Decals, vinyl patterns, paint palettes, the color wheel, other peoples work... my inspiration surrounds me.
  • I see a lot of alcohol inks recently in your creations, what do you love so much about them? (You are killing these BTW-stunning!!)

    (Thank you !!) 
    The thing I love most is the element of surprise. You never know what you will end up with.
    • I know you love making glitter tumblers but you recently started doing 3D tumblers any advice to someone wanting to try this for the first time?
     DO YOUR RESEARCH! Find out which tools do what and how to use them, technique is a big deal with clay...get the tools you need. They make life much easier!
    • What is your favorite product to work with and why?
     I love GLITTER!! Endless color possibilities ..I love to mix them and create something new..and the sparkles just make me happy!
    • Best advice you would give someone starting out in the tumbler making business? 
    First and foremost... DO NOT STRIVE FOR PERFECTION!! Tumblers are handmade and WILL NOT be perfect. Strive for a pleasing look to YOUR eye! Give yourself grace and time to learn. You will make mistakes, you will have fails and it is all part of the process. I truly believe that part of becoming a successful tumbler maker is learning how to correct the mistakes that are inevitable and save your project. Example: You may have wanted to do an ink swirl tumbler, you think it's ugly. What can you do to save it? Turn it into a peek-a-boo or do the power wash technique. Nobody will ever know it wasn't intentional! 
    Also, please study up on Epoxy Safety. For you and your customer. It is the most important thing to do before you start doing this as a business.
    • Favorite Glitter Goblins Product to use and why? 
    Any glitter with a high sparkle. I just cannot get enough of how pretty a super sparkly glitter can be.
    • For someone just starting out what two glitters from Glitter Goblins would you recommend they pair together to give the best look?
    Two? Not possible. LOL! I would recommend buying a bundle, colors that are already chosen for you to put together and get great results!

    • What are your top three favorite Glitter Goblin Glitters (I know this one’s always the hardest lol)
      As of today (this could change within the hour) - Coat of Arms, Magic Wand & Blue Spectrum from the Neon Rainbow Collection
      • If you could learn any new craft, what would that be?  
      I really want to learn how to sew someday. I have a sewing machine that intimidates me like nothing else! My sweet mama has given me a few lessons, but I would really love to get good at it some point :)
      Speed Round:
      Sunshine or Snow?    Sunshine
      Steak or Pizza?     Steak
      Romance or Horror?     Horror
      Favorite Drink?     Coffee
      Favorite Color?     Purple
      Favorite Music?     Anything 90's
      Favorite Number & Why?     8 (Birth Day)
      Favorite Word?     Love
      Birthday:     March 8

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       Thank you so much Danica for the wealth of information you gave us in this months blog. As always I learn so much from you. I want to congratulate you on becoming Glitter Goblins new Admin, it so well deserved and it always made sense to me that it should be you! You are doing a phenomenal job! You have taught myself and so many others tips, tricks, techniques through your live tumbler making sessions. I look forward to Thursday lives with the GG Gang because I know you and Ethel will be creating beautiful masterpieces (I have included 2 photos of the four tumblers I have of Danicas in my personal collection-the two last photos above.) Danica has accomplished so much, is getting better and better all the time. I am so proud of her and grateful to call her friend. I’m so over the moon happy to see Sassy Hearts Design own custom glitter mix on the website. It’s not every day a girl gets a glitter with her name on it-SO EXCITING!! For anyone that is not familiar with Danica and her work I urge you to check out any of her Social Media sites, any one of her items would make a perfect gift! Wishing you much continued success Girl….you are now a Pro 😉

      Jenn Smith



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