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Interview with Catilyn Jordin Beggs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

Glitter Goblins

July 2022 Blog

  • How long have you been doing tumblers and what got you started in making them? 

I started making tumblers September of 2021, when one of my favorite craft stores The Vinyl Countdown in Greenville,Tx was having a Halloween tumbler design contest. Amber, (the shop owner and a friend) told me about the contest and encouraged me to try out something new and enter the contest. I was very hesitant at first because at this point I had only been doing resin mold pouring for little figures and I was not confident in my work at all (I have a problem with finding every flaw in everything I do, it's true you are your own worst critic). I eventually thought, "What the heck, what is the worst that could happen?" So I made 2 totally different designs and entered them, the competition was fierce, I didn't win the contest but I received so many compliments and my husband claimed one of the tumblers as it was inspired by one of his favorite horror films. After Brandon (my husband) picked up his cup from the contest he carried it everywhere, like a kid with their favorite toy. Everywhere we went and he had his cup, friends, family, and coworkers were excited by the cup and wanted to place orders. I was not very confident but they all insisted they wanted a cup so I started making tumblers and here I am today. I'm Curious Cat of Just Breathe 



  • You seem to like a lot of mixed colors, what influences you when you are preparing to make your creations? Who or what is your biggest influence?

I have a hard time using just one color. I love having a flow of color whether it be glitters or alcohol inks. I draw inspiration from what my client wants and I constantly am in contact with my client for equal collaboration to make sure the tumbler is perfect for my clients. I also use social media outlets for learning and entering fun monthly contests, which allows me to learn new techniques and styles which takes me out of my comfort zone but it always is super fun and exciting when I complete a cup with a new technique. I always ask my children and my husband for input on my tumblers and sometimes they actually know more about what the client is asking for then I do which helps so much.



  • What is your favorite type of tumbler to make and why? 

That's a tough one, I can't pick just one. I love using alcohol inks because it is so universal. I can recreate so many different techniques such as marble, color melts, milky ways, and watercolor style just to name a few. So, I do have a slight girly side and with that come the LOVE of the glitter. I can make a peek-a-boo design or a complete color spectrum, glitter makes almost everything POP.

The Chameleon color shift pigments are to die for I LOVE using the chameleon pigments in the tack-it-method. The color shift over a black base coat is stunning. I also enjoy trying new effects.


  • What other types of items do you makes? Or would you like to learn?


I currently make custom decals, signs, pens, gifts, and HTV shirts. If you think of it I will learn how to do it and make it happen, that's how I've learned all the things that I do.


  • What are your top three favorite Glitter Goblins glitter colors and why?


I love Hydra, it is the perfect dark mixology for a mysterious color shift effect over anything. Next Crusader has to be my second because it is a luxurious silver mixology that has a holographic shift. Since I had to only pick three (not fair, they all amazing), Sorcery is the final of the top three because it is a mystical bluish white iridescent mixology that adds a extra magical light touch.


  • If you would recommend any two Glitter Goblins products what would they be and why? 


The Chameleon high pigment mica powders, I love the metallic colorshift it creates and I can create so much with it.

The tumbler starter kit. This kit has everything you need to begin your journey into tumbler making.


  • What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the tumbler making business?


Don't be afraid to ask for help, there are so many people who are willing to help you out. Do not let one person's negative opinion impact your style. Have fun with it, making tumblers is a form of art and therapy for myself and if one person doesn't like it that's their problem. Join our group GlitterGoblins Gang. We are a family who supports and uplifts each other.


  • Is there anything you haven’t accomplished that you feel like you need to in 2022?


Yes I would like to set up a website so I can reach a wider audience and make more creations and take more orders.


Speed Round:

Sunshine or Snow?  Girl I live in Texas you have it all

Steak or Pizza? Pizza

Romance or Horror? Horror (I also work in a haunted house)

Favorite Drink? Dr. Pepper or Red Bull Dragon Fruit

Favorite Color? Green

Favorite Music? rock, 90s, pop and rock, alternative 

Favorite Number & Why? 13, it has just always been my go to number

Favorite Word? Chaos 

Birthday: December 11th, 1991

 Social Media Accounts:



I hope everyone enjoyed this months blog and learned a few things as well about Cat. Don’t forget if you want to be featured and have your items listed here and on various Social Media accounts get in touch with myself or Glitter Goblins and as always if you are not a part of The Glitter Goblin Gang please click on the link below and join, we would love to have you. 
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