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DIY Speedy Petey Fast Set Epoxy

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DIY Speedy Petey Ultra Fast Set Epoxy Kits - Mix equal parts of A & B for that flawless finish and magnificent shine on all your resin projects! 

I personally use and love this epoxy! Mix well for 1-3 minutes and immediately apply to your project. Worktime is approximately 10-12 minutes,

You receive 2 bottles -  4oz of Part A and 4oz of Part B

  • Pettable in as soon as 30mins
  • Hardened as soon as an hour and 30mins
  • Super shiny
  • Ultra Clear
  • Bubble release technology
  • Great for molds
  • Great for cups
  • Great for cutting boards
  • No smell!
  • This can be used on ALL coats even FINAL COAT